Hon'ble Chairperson,
    Punjab State Human Rights Commission,
SCO NO. 20-21-22, SECTOR 34A,
CHANDIGARH 160 034, India

Subject: Ladies staff works after 7pm at manufacturing units and Sale of contaminated (Uranium) RO water etc. in Bathinda.
Respected Sir/Madam,
The contents of uranium in ground water in Bathinda region are on such a high quantity that these are very harmful for the health of the public. The Municipal Corporation, Bathinda is supplying potable water through 48 RO machines (perhaps defective) installed with private companies in Bathinda. Contaminated (Uranium) RO water is detrimental to the health of the  public as this treated ground water does not comply with the norms of WHO and when the Municipal Corporation was asked  to supply WHO norms, they gave in writing that they do not have WHO norms , whereas agreement with company says
“Delivering potable water at water works site that meets WHO norms at all times.”
But it is a fact that Municipal Corporation, Bathinda is not interested in getting the testing of uranium in water inspite of the fact that water should be tested once in a month as per WHO norms. Further the waste/rejected water should be disposed off by digging 600 feet underground. But as informed by Municipal Corporation-Bathinda, the rejected water is directly put into sewerage pipe (point 14 of query received), which is not only dangerous for health but is a risky for health for general public.
        As per aggrement, the timming of RO sites is daily morning 6am to 11pm and evening 4pm to 7pm every day (including Sunday) but company sets its own timming 7am to 11am and 4pm to 8pm (late night) inspite of the fact that ladies staff should not work after 7pm.
     Further after 12 noon closed Sunday, why?
       So it is requested to order to check treated water as per WHO norms once in a month of every RO plants at Bathinda by installing proper machines and rejected water be disposed off by digging 600 feet underground for the sake of health of public. Further opening-closing time should be as per agreements i.e. daily morning 6am to 11pm and evening 4pm to 7pm every day and  to issue coupons of Rs.2/= for can (twenty litres water) as per letter dated 22-5-12 of MC, Bathinda.
 A Memorandum has been given to The Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Bathinda and A receipt No.2880
dated 6.6.2012 has been given.
Grahak Jago through
Madan Lal s/o Shri Om Parkash Jain, #20204, Gali No.18, Parinda Road, GTB Nagar, Bathinda-151001-Punjab