SCO No. 84-85, 2nd Floor, Sector 17-C, CHANDIGARH.

Sh. Suresh Jain,
C/o Parvesh Kumar,
New Aggarwal Colony,
Thana Road, Bhikhi,
Distt. Mansa.

________ Appellant


Public Information Officer,
O/o. District Food & Supplies Controller,

__________ Respondent

AC No. 283 of 2008

Present: i) Sh. Suresh Jain, complainant in person
ii) Sri Amrit Lal Garg, DFSC-cum-PIO.
         The information required by the complainant has been given to him by the respondent. The complainant states that the information mentioned at sr. no. 13 of his application has not been given to him. The respondent should verify whether the notice board concerning gas booking has been put up prominently in front of each gas agency and confirm this fact to the complainant within 10 days.

          The respondent in this case sent intimation to the complainant within 30 days of the receipt of his application that he should come to his office and collect the information after paying the requisite fees. Since the amount of fees was not mentioned in this letter, it was tantamount to his compelling the complainant to go to his office, which is not permissible under the RTI Act. Since therefore, the fees payable by the complainant was not intimated to him within 30 days and the information is being supplied after the expiry of that period, no fees is now payable for the information, which should be supplied to the complainant free of cost.

                           Adjourned to 10 AM on 28-8-2008 for confirmation of compliance.

State Information Commissioner Punjab

August 8, 2008