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ग्राहकों को जागरूक करना तथा ग्राहकों का शोषण रोकना |

Gas Agency Owner took away 9 refills in a DAY : Contempt in CWP 23649 of 2014 in High Court View

Govt official cannot enter into compromise with pvt party: HC View

Order to refund VAT charged on subsidy from domestic LPG consumer Court

RTI application can be sent via DESIGNATED POST Office [no need for Registered post or simple post] to Central authorities. DONo.3-38/05-PG    Circular 103-1/2007-RTI
RTI applications and the requisite fee are being accepted by the designated Post Offices, numbering above 4700. Example

 RTI applications/first appeals can be filed by Indian Citizens only for the main
    ministries/departments of Central Govt., located at New Delhi

WHO's drinking water standards 1993 WHO Parameters/Norms

State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission Punjab order : -
The respondents/Op Nos. 1 & 2 are further directed not to charge enhanced rate of R.O. water then as agreed in the agreement dated 2.5.2011, until the enhanced rates are approved by the Joint Committee headed by Deputy Commissioner/Chairman District Planning Board, Bathinda as per Point No. 7.3 of the agreement. Op Nos. 1 & 2 are also directed to go for Uranium test of the water periodically as per agreement.  i.e. Six month Basis

Private Companies use your land without paying you a single penny
: Madhya Pardesh

Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG consumer : DBTL

Petroleum Ministry directed to oil companies to disclose List of Domestic gas Consumers
   in INDIA. for view : Indane | HPCL | BPCL (Sec 4(1) (b) (xiii) of RTI Act) 

Why Fake /Bogus domestic gas connections used/held by gas agencies (themselves)
     shall be checked  by gas agencies? View IOCL {(MD)(AM-LPG-S)}

In the Name of Inspection of LPG Connections As per Sudha Joshi Committee Approved by Ministry of Petroleum, Govt of India, Inspection Officers are Approving Bogus Gas Connections held by many Gas Agencies. Click to View Inspection Order

Un-married youth is entitled to get new Domestic LPG Connection if separate kitchen.  Rahul Gandhi got 12 gas refills in last 7 months of year 2011 vide consumer number 37577 at Kiran Gas Service, Delhi - Click to View and Hon'ble Mayawati has 2 domestic LPG connections vide consumer no : 38658, 10635 at Rajhans Gas Service, Delhi.
Click to View IOCL issued domestic LPG connections more than 2000 in Delhi only in the names of Miss....Click here

List of Names and Addresses of all beneficiaries (Like PDS Kerosene Oil, Oldage Pensioners, Widow Pensioners, BPL etc) must be disclosed on internet to check illegal beneficiaries  Click Here

Subsidy for poors Pinches the leaders but subsidy to corporate not
    Pinches the leaders.
Click to View.

Three domestic LPG connections (Bogus) to same person without kitchen inspection
    and without any document inspite of the fact that it is in the knowledge of the
    IOCL officials also. Click to View

On Appeal of Grahak Jago Member (Prem Sagar Singla), Hon'ble State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Punjab imposed compensation in First Appeal No. 1821 of 2010 on dated 30.09.2011 on Gas agency  Rs.10,000.00 because Mann Gas Agency, Bathinda has using PICK and Choose Policy in delivering the Domestic LPG Supply and not booked before 21 Days after last refill/delivery saying oral instruction of Deputy Commissioner Bathinda.  Click to View

On Complaint of  Grahak Jago member Pawan Kumar, Hon'ble Court (DCF, Faridkot) imposed compensation Rs. 30,000.00 due to Expiry/Outdated LPG Cylinder in circulation by the IOCL as well as gas agency amounts to deficiency in service and unfair trade practice in complaint No : 60 decided on 29.11.2011

On Complaint of Grahak Jago Member (Vinod Kumar), Hon'ble Court i.e. DCF- Mukatsar Punjab imposed compensation on dated 12-04-2010 on gas agency  Rs.80000.00 because Preet Gas Service, Gidderbaha has not book for refill before 21 day  after last refill/delivery in complaint case number 339 of 2009

On Complaint of Under weight cylinders etc by Grahak Jago members, Penality Rs 80,364.50 only imposed on Sidhu Gas Service Bathinda View Detail


Not require I.D.(Identity) proof before Public Information Officer due to security reasons.

SCO 32-34, SECTOR 17-C, CHANDIGARH-160017

Shri Sanjeev Goyal S/o Ashok Kumar,
H.No.148, Model Town, Phase I,
Near T.V.Tower, Bathinda.-151001.
1. Public Information Officer
O/o Nagar Council, Jaiton,
District Faridkot-151202.

2. First Appellate Authority,
O/o Regional Deputy Director, Local Government, Punjab,
Block I, Room No.218, District Complex,
Ferozepur Cantt.
Appeal Case No. 560 of 2015
Present:         None for the Appellant
                     Shri Balwinder Singh, Works Supervisor, Nagar Council Jaiton and Shri Rajinder Pal Singh, Clerk, office of Regional Deputy Director, Local Government, Ferozepur, on behalf of the respondents.
                     Shri Sanjeev Goyal Appellant vide an RTI application dated 22-11-2014, addressed to PIO, sought certain information on 4 points regarding installation of Water R.O. Plants.
2. Failing to get any information within 30 days as mandated under Section 7(1) of the RTI Act, 2005, he filed first appeal with the First Appellate Authority vide application dated 15-12-2014 under the provisions of Section 19(1) of the RTI Act,2005 and subsequently approached the Commission in second appeal vide application dated 29-01-2015 under the provisions of Section 19(3) of the RTI Act,2005, which was received in the Commission on 05-02-2015and accordingly, a notice of hearing was issued to the parties for today.


AC- 560 of 2015

3. A letter dated 16.05.2015 has been received from the appellant informing that he is unable to attend hearing today due to security reasons. He has requested to adjourn the case to some other date and has assured his presence on the next date of hearing.
4. Today, the respondent informs that since I.D. Proof has not been submitted by the appellant, requisite information has not been supplied to him. After discussing the matter, the PIO is directed to supply the requisite information to the appellant before the next date of hearing.
5. Adjourned to 14.07.2015 at 2.00 P.M. for further hearing in Court No.2, SCO No. 32-34(First Floor), Sector: 17-C, Chandigarh, for confirmation of compliance of orders.
Date: 19-05-2015
(Ravinder Singh Nagi)
State Information Commissioner


SCO No. 32-34, Sector 17-C, CHANDIGARH, Ph. No. 0172-4630054
Visit us @

Sanjeev Goyal
S/o Sh. Ashok Kumar,
H. No. 148, Model Town,
Phase – 1, Near T. V. Tower,
Bathinda - 151001                       ..…Complainant


Public Information Officer,
O/o The Executive Officer,
Nagar Council,
Kotkapura, Distt. - Faridkot        ..…Respondent

Complaint Case No. 2462 of 2014

Present :
Sh. Madan Lal, on behalf of the complainant.
Sh. Manmohan Singh, J. E., on behalf of the respondent.


The RTI application is dated 16.07. 2014. The information demanded pertains to
certified copy of agreement made with Water P. O. plants by the Nagar Council, Kotkapura. The complaint with the Commission is dated 29.08.2014.

Sh. Manmohan Singh, J. E., who appeared on behalf of the respondent in today’s
hearing, submits that the requisite information could not be supplied to the complainant, Sh. Sanjeev Goyal, as he has failed to deposit the required fee of Rs. 24034/- which was demanded from the complainant, vide letter no. 2823 dated 25.09.2014. A copy of the same is on record.

Sh. Madan Lal, appeared on behalf of the complainant, Sh. Sanjeev Goyal, in today’s hearing.

After examining the documents placed on record, it is found that the respondent-
PIO has failed to demand the required fee within the stipulated time of ten days from the date of receipt of the RTI application under rules of the RTI Act.’.

Sh. Manmohan Singh, J. E., states that requisite information would be supplied to
the complainant ‘free of cost’ within fifteen days from today .

On this, Sh. Madan Lal, states that if Sh. Manmohan Singh, J. E., fulfills his
promise, he has no objection if the case is closed.

In view of the above, the case is disposed of and closed with the directions
that the respondent-PIO will fulfill the promise made by Sh. Manmohan Singh, J. E., during the hearing in the Commission today.

Copies of the order be sent to the parties.

                                                                                (Chander Parkash)
19th November, 2014                                         State Information Commissioner


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