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Grahak Jago - Electricity Board
  • If no Nagar Parisad, Municipal Council etc. working in the Village then Electricity board should not charge Octroi on Electricity in our country,
    And already collected Octroi should be refunded. - [by Grahak Jago]

  • Octroi on Electricity not chargeable in that city where the electricity Production unit situated within the Municipal limits,
    So Octroi on Electricity Not Chargeable in Bathinda.

    As per Honorable Punjab & Haryana High Court CIVIL WRIT  PETITION no : 602 Dated : 31.10.2001 that P.S.E.B. will refund Octroi levied on electricity from 28.11.1994 and onwards.
    Click to view (Hon'ble Punjab & Haryana High Court Order)

    P.S.E.B will not charge further octroi from the Grahak & same would be refunded on demand Within Bhathinda Municipal limits.

  • Now Grahak of Bhathinda, Punjab can get refund of Octroi from P.S.E.B Offices Bhathinda.
    Total amount of Octroi Charged by PSEB from July 1994 to November 2001 from Shri Sohan Lal Goyal in Case no 430 dated : 24.July.2007 has been aggreed to give him a certificate of above said amount of octroi in Hon'ble State Information Commission Punjab at Chandigarh.
    Click to view Case no 430 dated : 24.July.2007 (Hon'ble State Information Commission Punjab)

    If Grahak don't know the total amount of Octroi paid by him/her to PSEB from July 1994 to November 2001, he can get a certificate of Total amount of octroi Charged from him/her under RTI Act 2005 

  • Demand Interest from PSEB On your Security Deposit
    Click to view (From NewsPaper)
    Download Form in PDF Format (In Punjabi) Click Here
    Download Form Click Here (MS Word file in Hindi)
    Download Font Click here1 Download Font Click here2
    (Download and Save Font(mfdev010.ttf, k010.TTF) in c:/windows/font folder)

    : PSEB Paying interest on your Security Deposit  Click to View

  • 200 Units Electricity Free for Below Poverty Line (BPL) or Dalit Family's,
    If Electricity load upto 1000 watts. Click to view

  • No penalty on Bill Deposit if Declared Half Day
    Click to view

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