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Grahak Jago - Municipal Corporation / Committee
Reply from Softel Solutions regarding - Door to Door Collection of Garbage user Charges : dated : 08.08.2023
To grant a fixed monthly Mobile Allowance to the employees of the Government of Punjab as per the following rates : dated : 01.07.2021
S.No. Level in the Pay Matrix Rate (in Rupees) per mensum
1 Level 16-31 1000
2 Level 11-15 600
3 Level 1-10 500
In Bathinda w e f 01.04.2023, Users Charges increased/ new for Door to Door Garbage (Kura) Collection.
  1. Charges @ Rs.10/- per day per rehri from 5000 Rehris i.e 1,82,50,000/- (1 crore 82 lakh and 50 thousand) Yearly Collection from Rehriwalas and temporary roadside stalls/ vendors. (page 3 second last para)
  2. Rebate 10% on user charges if advance deposite for one year for garbage collection (page 3 last para).
Mata 161 dated : 20.03.2023    
TOLL FREE COMPLAINT NO : 1800 180 2626
  Municipal Corporation Bathinda Celebrating Retirement Party of their employees with in Office time,
when team objected this tradition then Commissioner (Municipal Corporation Bathinda) Issued office Ordered No.: 155 dated: 28.July.2017 instructing that Retirment Party etc, not Celebrate with in Office time 28.July.2017
  Municipal Corporation is not entitled to recover the house tax and interest for three years immediately preceding notice. RSA 118 of 2004 ,
  Responsibility of Property tax on old tenants (in perpetuity) Page 36 ,
    Punjab Municipal Corporation (Second Amendment) Ordinance 2013

SDM will be responsible for un-authorised colonies : Hon'ble Punjab and Haryana High Court . View

Govt official cannot enter into compromise with pvt party: HC View

RO Water Card

State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission Punjab order : -

There is no condition in it regarding the issuance of monthly card with validity period/limitation. Thus, if the complainant is taking delivery of 13/14 can capacity of 20 liters in a month, it means that he is paying excess amount for monthly card. Hence, there is deficiency in service on the part of the opposite parties on this account. DCF - BTI

The respondents/Op Nos. 1 & 2 are further directed not to charge enhanced rate of R.O. water then as agreed in the agreement dated 2.5.2011, until the enhanced rates are approved by the Joint Committee headed by Deputy Commissioner/Chairman District Planning Board, Bathinda as per Point No. 7.3 of the agreement. Op Nos. 1 & 2 are also directed to go for Uranium test of the water periodically as per agreement.  i.e. Six month Basis

Contents of Uranium etc. in water of R.O. sites not recorded at Municipal Corporation Bathinda  Click to View (Point serial 15)

मई 2003 से पानी और सीवरेज के बिलो मै ली गई अतिरिक्त राशि रिफ़न्ड करने या अगले बिलो मै अडजस्ट करने के हाइकोर्ट ने आदेश दिये ।
Implementation of Decision dated : 03.09.2008 of Hon'ble Punjab and  Haryana High Court Chandigarh regarding water and Sewerage bill reduced from Rs.105/- to Rs.50/- (adjustment made already paid access) by Municipal Council Bhuchu Distt Bathinda
Click to View (26.01.2009)

Free : First Certificate of Birth or Death,
Perform of Application (in Punjabi language) to get berth or death Certificate
Click to View

Street Light Maintenance : -

You should complain giving Pole numbers written on every Street / Road pole in Municipal Corporation / Committee to maintain Street/road Light points (i.e. Tubes, Bulbs, High Mast/Flood Light, Mercury Bulbs, dust in cover of lights) or is able to replace the defective points/feeding lines within 48 hours by the contractor. Otherwise the penalty @Rupees 50/= per day or as per contract can be imposed on contractor after 48 hours.

If problem still persists, then complain in writing again to Commissioner / Executive Officer of Municipal Corporation / Committee and receive the diary number of your complain from Municipal Corporation / Committee.

With your noble efforts, ultimately your street lights will be working. If you still face the problem then you should demand the position of lighting system under the Right to Information Act, 2005 and contact us how to receive this information through RTI act, 2005 from the concerned authority.
Download the required Performa from our website in the Left Panel.

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